·       How you found your websites/references on Problem Solving and how you applied the key guidelines to identifying credible Internet sources.

Module 1 Case Assignment


Writing Guide Link: https://mytlc.trident.edu/files/Writing-Guide_Trident_2014.pdf


Homework Assignment


Skim the entire document, and focus your reading on pages 16-18.  When looking for references on the Internet, review the questions posed under “Identifying Credible and Reliable Sources” before using any Internet sources for this and all of your assignments requiring research.   If you can answer all of the questions posed positively when looking at a particular site, then you can be pretty sure you have located a good reference; if it doesn’t measure up one way or another, it’s probably a site to avoid. The key to the whole process is to think critically about what you find on the Internet; if you want to use it, you are responsible for ensuring that it is reliable and accurate.

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STEP 2: Review and bookmark the following website for Word tutorials:

Word 2013 training courses, videos and tutorials


Word 2010 training courses, videos and tutorials


Word for Mac Training


STEP 3: Write a 2- to 3-page paper reviewing how you researched Problem Solving using the Internet. Find two websites on Problem Solving to use in writing your paper. Using Dr. Timothy Mullen’s Trident University Writing Style Guide, determine the reliability and validity of the two websites on Problem Solving.

Mullen, Timothy.  2014. Trident University Writing Guide. Accessed on July 28, 2015 at https://mytlc.trident.edu/index.php

Your paper should discuss the following:

·       How you found your websites/references on Problem Solving and how you applied the key guidelines to identifying credible Internet sources.

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·       Compare the two methods of Problem Solving that you found and comment on which you think is most useful to you.

·       Report any issues you had conducting your research and/or formatting your document in Microsoft Word.

STEP 4: Format your paper to the Assignment Expectations below.

Assignment Expectations

Format your paper using the following parameters:

1.     Center the title, your name, and date on a separate page. Use Times New Roman, 14 point

a.     Bold the title only

2.     Set Left and Right margins at 1 inch

3.     Number the pages

4.     Insert a footer

5.     Introduction:

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b.     Left justified

c.     Times New Roman, 12 point

d.     Line spacing at 1½

6.     Middle Paragraphs

e.     Use bulleted list in one paragraph

f.      Insert a picture or chart

7.     Conclusion

g.     Right justified

h.     Times New Roman, 11 point

i.      Line spacing at single

8.     Complete a word count of the entire document and report it at the end of your document before the References section.

9.     Include a References section using the guidelines from the Trident University Writing Style Guide provided above. Include this site as a reference in addition to the two sites you found on Problem Solving.

10.  Upload your document as a Word doc or pdf into the Case drop box by the module due date.


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