Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great.

Essential Question: How Great was Alexander?

Alexander the Great wasand still isa powerful symbol of power, military genius, and conquest whether or not this description of him is historically accurate. His image, name, and legendary power remained resonantand politically visiblelong after his death.

You will write persuasively to address the validity of this claim.

Take notes throughout this documentary. Then analyze and cite at least 3 other sources from the Haiku page.

Think about Alexander, is the Great an accurate description of him? How influential was he for his own people, and the cultures and civilizations to follow?

Why or why not? In what ways? Think about the historical themes, and collect evidence to defend your argument. Socially? Politically? Economical? Culturally? Environmentally?

You will write a 5-paragraph essay to address this prompt. You must cite evidence from at least 6 sources (3 from the documentary, 3 from the resources provided).

Here is the Documentary Link:

Here are the other resources we need to use for the other 3 citations needed.–secondary-sources-on-alexander.html

Alexander the Great


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