An intersection of psychology and artificial intelligence

The plan recognition problem: An intersection of psychology and artificial intelligence

Schmidt, C. F., Sridharan, N. S., & Goodson, J. L. (1978). The plan recognition problem: An intersection of psychology and artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence11(1), 45-83.

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Understanding actions involves inferring the goal of the actor and organizing the actions into a plan structure. The BELIEVER system is a psychological theory of how human observers understand the actions of others. The present theory is concerned with single-actor sequences and can account for goal-directed actions that may succeed or fail in accomplishing the goal, as well as actions governed by norms. After discussing how AI can be applied in psychological theory construction, the BELIEVER system is presented by specifying a plan recognition process and its knowledge sources.

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Copyright © 1978 Published by Elsevier B.V.

Artificial Intelligence

Volume 11, Issues 1–2, August 1978, Pages 45–83

Applications to the Sciences and Medicine


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