Analytic Techniques

Analytic Techniques.


Your supervisor has asked you to prepare a report for the quarterly company meeting. The first part of the task was to download the data and create scatterplots and histograms, and to calculate mean, median, and mode of the stock prices that you presented graphically in your report for the last assessment. This time your task is to analyze and interpret those graphical representations of the company stocks and to write a report about your findings for your supervisor.
Your Role
You are an analyst in the same business that you used for the last assessment. Your role is to turn data into meaningful information through the use of descriptive statistics and analysis.
After reviewing and integrating your instructor’s feedback on your previous assessment, complete the report as follows:
**For each graph you created, write at least one paragraph interpreting the graph.
What does that graph represent?
What does the shape of the graph tell you about how the data have changed over time?
**For each statistic you calculated, spend at least one sentence explaining what the statistic represents.
What does the mean tell you?
What does it imply if the median is different from the mean?
What does the standard deviation tell you about the volatility of the data?
**Write a new conclusions section in which you explain how these interpretations can be used in the company:
What are some trends about which company leaders should be aware?
How might the information you have provided be used to inform business decisions?
How will you connect those interpretations explicitly to implications for the practical business context?
**Create a 6–8-page report containing:
An APA-formatted title page.
A one-page introduction of your chosen company that you created in your previous assessment.
A section labeled “Graphical Representations of Data” that includes the four graphs you created as well as your interpretations of each graph.
A section labeled “Descriptive Statistics” with the statistics you calculated as well as your interpretations of the statistics.

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Analytic Techniques


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