answer questions based on the chapter

answer questions based on the chapter.

Read Chapter 3 in Visual Sociology by Douglas Harper.  Describe in your own words what Harper means by “reflexivity” or “visual ethnography.”  Why does Harper argue so strongly for the incorporation of “reflexivity” into visual representations of social issues, people, places and things?

Answer this question in at least two full paragraphs.  The first paragraph should provide your description of reflexivity or “visual ethnography.”  The second paragraph should clearly state Harper’s argument for using “reflexivity” in sociological work. 

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A third paragraph could include your own thoughts and analysis of using “reflexivity.”  Do you agree it’s important and/or significant to incorporate?  Or not?  Why?  Support your answer with at least 2 citations from Harper.

Second part of Assignment:

Consider the connection between reflexivity, as discussed in Chapter 3 of Visual Sociology by Douglas Harper, and aerial photography, as discussed in Chapter 4.  After reading Chapters 3 and 4 thoroughly, think about what reflexivity adds to the interpretations of aerial photographs of particular spaces.

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Write a 2 paragraph reflection that shares your personal thoughts about how reflexivity can add a layer of meaning and interpretation to aerial photographs that would not be present if reflexivity was not being practiced.

answer questions based on the chapter


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