Anthropology homework help

Need an argumentative essay on Peter and Harvey have ambitious plans to grow the business. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism.This research will begin with the statement that in this age, competitiveness is witnessed in each and every segment. As a result, developing a dominant position is extremely difficult in the market among other rival players. However, it might be possible only if the entrepreneurs desire to maintain a good relationship with its clients or customers. This is because. it is the relationship marketing that helps a new entrant (SPSL) to enhance its image and popularity in the market that may enhance its portfolio and reliability. Moreover, relationship marketing also acts as a weapon to enhance the profitability and productivity of the organization thereby amplifying its equity and market share to a significant extent as compared to others. Similarly, in case of SPSL, Peter and Harvey offered high concentration over relationship marketing that may amplify its total sale and revenues. This strategy might amplify the level of sustainability in the market among other existing rivals. In this age, awareness is an essential requirement of any business organization.&nbsp. Only then, it might improve its image and demand of product lines within the minds of the customers that may amplify its reputation and profitability. However, awareness might be enhanced only with the help of promotion. Promotion might take place through the personal selling process. It is processed in which, an organization or entrepreneur recruits a wide range of sales forces or sales persons so as to sell its products.

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