Anthropology homework help

Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses letter of advice and interpersonal communication. Even though communication has a significant role in the building of relationships, a regular individual is likely to encounter many obstacles that will prevent effective communication. Communication problems lead to difficulties in conveying messages to for example workmates, friends, and even family. Having an emotion that is contrary to an earlier experience is a barrier to effectiveness in the interpersonal relationships between couples in a relationship. In case one does not do away with this negative emotion, it continues to influence the way one talks and the feeling can be uttered when one least expects. These emotions might be as a result of situations like the previous that had shown up earlier. One will not be able consciously to notice these feelings on them. The negative emotions make one upset and in the process speak in a raised tone. So long as one cannot see and let go of the negative feelings, it could bar ones otherwise effective interpersonal interaction and communication. It is because one will be unable to recognize really from where one’s emotions run high or when one overreacts (Berger, 2014). A little self-esteem bars an effective interpersonal communication and thus interaction in a relationship. Lacking the courage to communicate one’s ideas and thoughts may convey an entirely different meaning than the one intended to reveal. It sends a misleading message instead to the other person making them suppose a different meaning to it. Low self-esteem results from a lack of confidence where one tends to believe they are not that worthy enough. Lacking the commitment in a communication process is also a barrier to effective interpersonal interaction. It occurs in an instance where one is not keen enough to what the other person wants to know out of the conversation. It is also not always possible to notice that one lacks commitment while communicating. It leads to an intended message being often ignored because one is not paying attention to what the other is saying.

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