Any topic ( give me options to choose from)

Any topic ( give me options to choose from).

Assignment Question
Using the template as a guide in your text (Ch11 p.203-207) prepare a Research Proposal. The proposal could refer to a case study to improve the functioning of any ONE of the following areas: HR, Strategy, Finance, or Marketing in a UAE based company (of any size and in any sector), or alternatively – any other research problem.
Note: What you need to prepare is a plan. Data collection is not required.
Submission Notes:

1. The assignment should be submitted in soft copy through Moodle.
2. Assignment should be in 12 fonts Roman, 1.5 space, and 1 margin all over. References and appendices should
be in single space; these will not be counted in word count.
3. Length: maximum 2500 words.
4. Submission deadline is: 12 February 2020, midnight.

Any topic ( give me options to choose from)


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