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1.We learned this semester that not only do we have to determine the amount of income that a taxpayer must recognize for tax purposes, but we also need to determine the type or character of income that is recognized. As we know, this may depend on the type of transaction that generated the income at issue. Explain the general types or categories of income that exist under the Code (e.g., ordinary), and how the amount of each type of income is calculated and taxed under the Code, including what rates may apply. 2. This semester, we learned that Congress designed the Code to include various deductions from income. (NOTE: We are not discussing the deductions that may arise from losses.) There are two deductions that are particularly important to corporations: (1) the Section 162 deduction for business expenses and (2) the dividend-received deduction. How does the IRS generally interpret deductions (i.e., broadly or narrowly)? How do we determine whether a taxpayer is entitled to each of these two deductions? What is the purpose of each of these deductions? How is each calculated, and are there any limits on the deduction? Finally, what generally governs when a taxpayer may take each of these two deductions? 3. As a tax practitioner, you often get people asking questions concerning the tax effect of property transactions. This year is no exception. You’ve had individual clients ask you the following questions this year:1. I inherited property from my grandfather, and I received a gift of property from another family member. How do I determine the basis in each piece of property?2. I bought a piece of property that is used in a trade or business. Are there any tax deductions associated with this purchase of property? If so, how do I determine the amount of those deductions?4. One of your corporate clients has approached you about whether or not its employees are required to include certain benefits provided by the corporation in their income. In particular, the corporation has inquired whether the following benefits provided by the corporation to employees would be included in an employee’s taxable income:1.

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