Assignment Week 2 – Article Review

Assignment Week 2 – Article Review.

1st Page:  Article Review

Week 2 Topic: Business Communication

A periodical article about business communication will be assigned.  An academic journal article will also be provided as support for your review comments. Read the periodical  article and the academic journal article (links below) and complete and submit the article review form (link below).  Articles must be submitted on the one page form. The writing level expectation is APA style graduate level writing academic style writing that demonstrates your ability to analyze.  No quotes allowed, all wording must be paraphrased and your original content.  No outside sources are permitted except the academic journal article provided. Copied and pasted material will receive a zero.  Limit your article to the one page article review single spaced form (note: In APA text is double spaced – for this assignment due to the 1 page form limits – use single spacing).

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Article review writing expectations are: review should be written in third person voice (when possible) academic tone, using correct grammar, paraphrased sentences with no quotes permitted. You must paraphrase content from the article. You must give your opinion of the article, stating your reasoning and covering the strengths and weakness of the article (Considering what information was significant and what was left out). Support must be included and needs to be paraphrased from the  provided academic journal article with APA citations. You must agree & disagree with at least one article point stating your reasoning. You must conclude the article review by providing your recommendation on the value of this article stating your reasoning. This review due to the required form limitations shall be single spaced. See attached grading rubric.

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Late assignments submitted one minute to 1 day of the due date will receive a 5% deduction.
If it has been a while since you have written in an academic style or if you need clarification or help with this assignment please email me and I will guide you through it.

Periodical Article:

Journal Article:

Required article review form: ARTICLE 1 REVIEW FORM 501 2020.doc

Article grading rubric:

Article 1 grading rubric 2020.pdfPreview the document

How to analyze a business article:


2nd page: respond
Discussion Forum Faith Integration Week 2

Ephesians 2:10 (Links to an external site.) For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

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Discuss how does this scripture relates to corporate communications and how you could show good works and integrity.

Discussion General Forum Week 2 forum

Managerial communication channel choice strategy is covered in chapter one of our course textbook “Guide to Managerial Communication”. Read/review chapter 1 in the textbook ( if you don’t have your textbook yet this short article has a good chart on channel choice strategy Link (Links to an external site.)) next read the short article below, then discuss the manager’s channel choice in the article and give your recommendation with academic reasoning.

Article: Can you get fired via text

Assignment Week 2 – Article Review


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