Biological Astronaut

Biological Astronaut.

Part 1:
Look for an element on the periodic table that would act similarly to carbon. Once you have identified one, be sure to discuss the following in your justification.
• Examine and discuss the outer electron shell and chemical bonding characteristics of this new element.
• Specifically describe how the outer shell would make this new element bond as carbon does.
• Then you should specifically discuss or draw two chemical reactions to form macromolecules with this different element. For example, make a molecule like glucose but without any carbons (replace carbon with your new element). Images will work great here; they can be hand or computer drawn or you may be able to find some on the internet.
• Cite your references!

Part 2:
Choose two of the defining characteristics of life and design an experiment to test each in your alien lifeform. Be sure that your design includes all the following points.
• Hypothesis
• Dependent and independent variables
• Control and experimental groups
• Standardized variables
• The specific type of data you would collect
• How you would analyze and present these data
• What pieces of data/evidence you would need to support your hypothesis. Alternatively, what evidence would disprove your hypothesis?

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Biological Astronaut


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