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Hi, I need help with essay on The Liberty Leading the People. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!The painting reveals the picture of a heroine carrying a flag and a musket slightly at the right of the painting. There is also a child who is holding two guns on the right of the painting. Additionally, another man is holding a sword and is armed for battle on the left corner. There is also another young man holding a musket at left of the painting. Apparently, many people are helplessly lying on the ground. In the background a blue sky and light is seen on the horizon. The flag carried by one woman, the heroine, is colored red, white and blue. The men, who are armed, are dressed in uniform ( Coetzee 45). The uniform constitutes of grey shirts, black three-piece tops, and khaki trousers. Additionally, all the armed men are wearing hats. The men are also carrying black bags with a certain trademark and a white handle. The buildings near the scene of the battlefront seem demolished. Some of the people lying down are in the same uniform as that of the men in action. The parts of the art, which are in light are the standing people like Eugene Delacroix and the woman with a rifle. The subdued people are in shade and the source of light is the rising sun at the horizon. The painting has a good mixture of colors, which have been used to create décor and beauty of the images and the background.The whole scene reveals a fierce confrontation between two rival groups and the scene that catches my eyes is the woman carrying the flag implies that a battle was worn and the group owning the flag worn the battle (Delacroix sand ONeill 67). The figures are intriguing and attractive to the audience especially because of the colors used to present them. There is movement portrayed by the painter. The woman with a rifle is presumed to be in motion given her position. The three dimensional reflection of the painting is manifest in the creative location of the background, the sky and the people at the forefront. The painter was standing at the front

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