business finance

  • 30 points
  • 300 written words
  • APA/MLA – 1” margins – double spaced – real sentences – spelling/grammar all count.

See attached file –

  • Assignment is (also) listed at bottom of first page
  • Values are listed on second page.

Now that you have determined your personal values, complete the following:

  1. Using numerical value bullets points, list your values in order, first to last (#1 to #7)
  2. Having developed your values, perhaps for the first time, write a short paragraph (three to five compete sentences) to discuss your thoughts about your values – What’s this all mean to you as a manager?
  3. Discuss how (you think) your values apply to you as a future manager of people, processes, and systems.
  4. Thinking like a manager:
  • With values in mind, what’s most important to you as a manager of people, processes, and systems and why?
  • How your values help or hinder you with
    • Operating your department or business?
    • How you treat your employees?
    • How you treat your vendors?
    • How you treat customers?
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