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Compose a 750 words essay on NTT DoComo Case Analysis. Needs to be plagiarism free!omoted, if we do decide to include eMoney payments in FeliCa phones, and whether credit card functionalities should be included, and if yes, the right business model.The major strengths and weaknesses against the various options have been evaluated. The analysis clearly points to the weight that needs to be attached to DoCoMo’s potential fist-mover advantage in offering contactless IC technology built into a mobile phone, and the fact that the key strengths of DoCoMo have been derived from innovative solutions offered in the telecommunications industry itself by DoCoMo leading to immense benefits, as exemplified by the innovative strategies employed while launching “i-mode” services back in 1999, and again in the revolutionary launch of 3G (FOMA) services in 2001. While the prime concerns are related to security in financial transactions, and the acceptability of separate readers by the merchant outlets, the proposed strategies address these concerns after careful analysis.The final recommendations strongly advocate diversification into financial services with the Mobile FeliCa offering, thus gaining first-mover advantage, a conscious strategy for striking alliances in both the eMoney space as well as the credit card space, capitalizing on the network effects. These will result in both additional revenue streams, as well as in pre-empting competition from tying up with the known leaders in the market. Thus a phased implementation plan has been recommended covering installation of Edy readers at 12,000 outlets in 6 months, immediate alliances with JR East and JCB for eMoney, and a proactive involvement in promoting a joint initiative for reader interoperability with bitWallet, JR East and JCB by end-2005. The recommendations also include DoCoMo’s own phone-based credit launch, targeted at upgrading the FOMA subscriber base, as well as non-exclusive partnerships with Visa, MasterCard and JCB. To address the security concern, it is recommended that DoCoMo

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