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ON Course chapter 5 or 61. Identify what you thought was the single most important idea/information you gained from this chapter, or the WOW Factor. Explain why you chose this as your WOW Factor. If a fellow student, your child, a colleague, your faculty, or someone else asked you for the most important information you learned from this chapter, what would you tell them and why? Why is this idea/information important for people to understand? Be sure to support your answer by including a reason, some evidence/justification, and a conclusion.2.. Explain how the identified WOW Factor relates to you. For example, does your WOW Factor have an immediate impact on your life, your ability or effectiveness to learn, your current or future job, or your relationship(s)? Support your response with details and examples3.Where does your WOW Factor connect or fit into our culture, world, and society? Describe where you see this represented in our world (currently or historically). How might this idea improve or make a difference in our culture, world, and society? How could you use the idea/information you chose to make a change? Would you be willing to be proactive and work towards the change if you feel one is necessary? How would you be able to bring about the change you would like? Have you seen or heard about a similar change before (on the news, in a newspaper, in a history book, in another book, from your parents)? How does what you read or heard before connect to what is going on in today’s world?please help

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