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I will pay for the following article The Problem of Danger from the Climate Change. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The investigations held by different researchers show that the climate on the Earth has undergone a serious change, however, the main consequences are still ahead. Much has been written and said about the meaning of climate change and its implications for the environment. Many scientists and researchers question the validity of climate change theories and assumptions. That the climate is changing has been abundantly established: the current body of literature provides compelling evidence that the planet is undergoing a serious climate shift. Books and articles provide a wealth of evidence supporting the relevance and existence of the global warming phenomenon. Temperature, sea-level changes, and precipitation serve as the main indicators of global warming (Maslin 23). Scientists use these indicators to estimate how global climate changes under the influence of the industrial revolution (Maslin 23). Scientists were able to reconstruct changes in surface temperatures over the last 1,000 years – based on this information scientists produced a continuous record of temperatures, which indicate changes in surface temperatures of 0.74oC over the last 130 years (Maslin 25). The 20th century witnessed considerable fluctuations in temperature: the 1960s-1970s were the period of cooling (Maslin 25). However, generally, the planet is warming and even temperatures in the lower troposphere have been steadily increasing, approximately 0.1-0.2oC every ten years (Maslin 25). Global sea levels and precipitation are another two indicators used to judge the scope of the global warming phenomenon. The two most important precipitation data sets include the Global Historical Climate Network and Hulme (Maslin 30). It is noteworthy, that no definite global trends in&nbsp.precipitation have been found so far, but regional changes in precipitation are more than obvious (Maslin 30). North and South America experience significant increases in precipitation (Maslin 30). The seasonality of precipitation is changing, too (Maslin 30). Scientists observe long-term changes in precipitation in southern Africa and the Mediterranean (Maslin 30). The data on changes in sea levels adds to the body of evidence supporting global climate change: over the past 100 years, global sea levels have risen at least 12 cm (Maslin 31).

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