Assignment based upon a film that showcase good examples of strategic planning, management and/or business concepts.

In-text citations from the film are not required in this assignment.  However, if you take information from another source, you must use in-text citations, APA Style. 

Step 1:
Read the assignment instructions before watching the film.  This will help you know what to look for when watching the film.

Step 2:
Choose one of the films below and watch the entire film.  Choose a film from the following list.  The films listed below are available for rental or purchase through Amazon.  If you need assistance with obtaining a film, you must contact the instructor.

Hotel Rwanda:
In Good Company:
A League Of Their Own:
Tommy Boy:
The Damned United:
The Boiler Room:
The Man and His Dream:
Wall Street:
Step 3:
Write a 600 to 800 word paper.  Structure your paper in the following way:


Begin your paper with a description of what you will present in your paper.  Include the title, director and release date of the film.

Body of the Paper:

Plot Summary:  Describe the plot briefly, revealing key points and main twists and turns in the film.

Analysis:  Include the following information in your analysis.  Use paragraphs to provide a structure for your writing.

What message does the film send?

What strategic planning, management and/or business concepts does the film present?  Provide examples from the film to explain your rationale.
What did you learn from the film?

What part of the film has the most powerful impact?  Why?

Your Own Impression:  Provide a personal opinion about the film.  Use paragraphs to provide a structure for your writing.

In what ways will the concepts presented in this film influence and/or shape your life after graduating from college?
What will the viewer receive after watching the film (e.g., positive emotions, learn anything, or just have fun)?

What is your recommendation of the film?  Is it worth watching for which audience it is more suitable.


End your paper with a description of what you presented in your paper.



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