Carr article

Carr article.

This intro assignment asks you to start the process of thinking about and across the generations.  Read the Nicholas G. Carr article (download the pdf excerpt), “The Shallows:…” and write about what you think about it.  Is this information in the article new to you?  How do you relate to the idea that reading is relatively new, but writing is not?  How do you relate to only certain parts of society being able to write?  Use these two questions to jump-start your ideas on reading and writing and alphabets and early societies.  Take a look at and get more insight!  Carr is a leading expert in how writing came about and how reading is changing for all of us…these pages on early writing should be very interesting and eye-opening…

Write at least 500 words (don’t let that number scare you…it’s easy once you start typing…you’ve typed more than that on blogs and emails before…)

Start using references and footnotes also.  If you find some relevant support for your thoughts in the Fiero textbook, then cite (insert it as a reference) it.  If you support yourself with internet site info, list that webpage.  All sources count, except wikipedia.  This is the first exercise in writing concisely and fully…Use Microsoft Word’s reference tab and ‘insert citation’ features.

Early (24-hours or more) get full (extra) points.  Submit it in Microsoft Word.  Email me for any other questions.

Carr article


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