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Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Leprosy.Various studies indicate that most patients attain nerve damage at diagnosis, which rates from 20 % in Bangladesh to 56 %in Ethiopia. These patients suffering from nerve damages have a high risk of developing disability if there lacks proper treatment (Lockwood, 1516). Doerr adds that failure of treating leprosy can lead to permanent harm of various body parts leading to overwhelming disfigurement and consequent disability (1).Mycobacterium leprae is a rod-shaped bacterium that is responsible for causing leprosy. G.A. Hansen discovered the bacterium in the year1873. Since this bacterium multiplies slowly, signs and symptoms of this disease may not develop and most people may not recognize them until much later after exposure to M. leprae. This may take place from several weeks after infection to 30 years or more. Even though humans are the chief host for infection with M. leprae, other animals such as mangabey monkeys, armadillos and chimpanzees also acts as hosts for infection. Though the precise route of transmission is still a mystery, most experts deem that transmission of leprosy occur through droplets from the nose and mouth during close protracted contact with an infected person (Doerr, 2).In about 80 nations of Africa, Latin America and Asia, prevalence of Leprosy occurs significantly. In a year, almost 600 000 new cases occur and almost 2400 million people live in nations with occurrence of leprosy of greater than 1 per10 000. In addition, between two and tree million people suffering from leprosy have physical disabilities. Within most nations, leprosy is unequally distributed. This means that some countries have a higher number of patients suffering from leprosy while others do not have even a single patient. In this case, twenty-five nations contribute to 92% while five countries contribute to 80% of the international burden (Noordeen,

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