Comparative Foreign Politics

Comparative Foreign Politics.


As the syllabus indicates, papers should run approximately 10 pages; more is fine, but not less. Please double space, and upload only as Word or PDF documents.

These analyses and discussions should communicate your own interpretations of the materials we are considering this week, and all of your papers will differ in many distinct ways. We are all independent analysts, with our own insights and ideas to express on the array of materials we have at hand. Please avoid the personal “I’ and “me” in your writing. This can be a tricky editing change to make, but it will make all the difference in the presentation of your paper as an analysis/discussion in Political Science.

It is important that you utilize information from all six sources we have been considering this week. You are free to choose any of the material that interests you, any of the material you feel you can speak to, but do draw from all three reading assignments and all three lectures. You may wish to include brief quotation from an author to illustrate your own ideas. This is welcome, and if you do so, please just put the quote in quotation marks, and cite the author by last name and page number in parentheses following each quote. The lecture material, on the other hand, is yours for you to consider and use without citation. I consider the lectures informal in nature, and they are meant to guide some of our discourse an informal way. Utilize the lectures as you like; just reword to make the material your own.

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Comparative Foreign Politics


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