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Write 4 page essay on the topic Five-Year Career Development Plan.I will know more as I investigate this opportunity.I intend to find a specific career and then look into what I need to do to augment the skills I have learned in my business classes. I know that I will need to go to a Chamber of Commerce or a specific program that can give me information on small business development. I will need to develop the skills of an entrepreneur which means I will need to work well on my own and be motivated to do the work that I love to do. Brown (2007) suggests that there are seven areas that an entrepreneur must have or must hire someone to do for them. These seven skills include: marketing and sales, customer service, human resources, accounting and finance, administration, worth the effort and operations and production. I have some skills in several of these areas and would hire out my needs in other areas. As an example, I would not do well with my own accounting and finance because I do not like numbers and my math is not strong. I would hire an accountant to help in this area. I will learn more about Internet marketing because I believe that this is the way that most businesses achieve greatness when they are small. I will investigate this area more and use social networking to further my marketing needs. Whether I have a product or a service I am certain that I can find the information I need about how to turn my business into a profit using the Internet.I have explored the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to find out information about my personality and how it relates to my skills. I found out that I am an Introverted Sensing Thinking Judger (INTJ). This means that I have several things in my current abilities that will work with my interests and beliefs. I am receiving my Bachelors Degree in business and I now I will need other training but I am not sure in what subjects yet. I have a high school diploma and I have attended a few other classes.Business has always interested me and to have my own business is

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