Create a proposal for an online learning project for a real organization

Create a proposal for an online learning project for a real organization.

I have already written proposal and create powerpoint presentaiton for the assignment below. I attached both with this order. I want you to rewrite the one i attached make it sounds better. I want you to use the same topic. You also need to use the sources which i used. Following are the instructions provided by the teacher.

HUDK 5197 – Spring 2018
Midterm Project Assignment

Assignment:  Create a proposal for an online learning project for a real organization. Ill play the role of the potential client, evaluating your proposal.  Your goal is to describe your target audience, a problem (some area in which job performance can be improved), and your proposed solution, and convince me that your solution will improve performancethat is, that your approach is likely to be effective and will resonate with the target audience.

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    Proposal Document
    Presentation (given online via GoToMeeting; a link will be provided when you schedule your presentation; you’ll want to prepare PowerPoint slides or something similar to use in your presentation).

Proposals and presentations should include the following elements (feel free to format/structure your proposal as you see fit, provided that all elements below are covered):
    Introductory Section including a description of the problem being addressed
    Goals of the Project
    Description of the Target Audience (Primary and, if any, Secondary)
    Product Concept a high-level, 1-2 paragraph overview of the product
    Product Description a description of the product, explaining what it does and how it will be used.
    3-5 Sample Screens/Wireframes to illustrate the Product Description (these can be integrated with the Product Description).  Wireframes–simple sketches of screen layouts, which can be done in PowerPoint or any program you prefer–are fine.  When choosing which screens to show, try to show the interesting ones, screens where a critical part of the user interaction takes place.
    Rationale why you think this is an approach that is well-suited to the problem, why you selected this learning methodology/methodologies, how this will benefit the organization
    Key Milestones for the project, including the following: project kickoff, demonstration version, prototype, beta version, release (Note: these are not expected to be exact estimates by any means).

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Proposal Length:  8-12 pages
Presentation Length:  15-20 minutes followed by a few minutes for questions.

Key Evaluation Criteria:
    Value of the product in terms of improving the audiences performance.
    Articulation in the proposal/presentation of goals, audience, and rationalethat is, the degree to which you tell a clear, reasoned, compelling story that convinces me as a potential client to accept your proposal and see its benefits.
    Possible return on investment (qualitatively).
    Presentation of compelling story in the proposal and presentation describing the product.

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Grading:  Proposal and Presentation will be given a single, unified grade.

Create a proposal for an online learning project for a real organization


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