Cultural upbringing

Cultural upbringing.

Articulate and apply the concept of “socialization” to your own cultural upbringing in a reflection note (minimum of 500 words).

In your reflection, be sure to do the following:

Reach the minimum word requirement of 500 words. (Note: filler words such as “very very very interesting” will not count towards the total word count.)
Organize your reflection into logical paragraphs: (a) introductory paragraph; (b) paragraph or more on the articulation of the concept; (c) paragraph or more on the application of the concept to your personal life; and (d) concluding paragraph.
Provide an adequate articulation and summary of the concept.
Provide an adequate application of the concept to your personal life.
Connect your reflection to the assigned readings.
Write in an appropriate academic tone with correct grammar/spelling. You may use “I” statements (such as “I feel…” or “I think…”), but avoid slang and typos.
Use in-text citations within your reflection, and include a reference list of all works you cite in ASA style format.

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Cultural upbringing


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