DB 2 online

DB 2 online.

You are a business owner. Explain how you would use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to improve your odds in capturing costumer exposure. Use examples to support your answer.

It is paramount that you follow the guidelines, in order to receive full credit for this assignment. The entire idea of these discussions is to broaden our perspective in terms of marketing, through the sharing of information and exchange of ideas. With that being said, it is of high importance that you cite the materials that you have read on our textbook (and possibly other books, or articles) and connect it with the article at hand. It would be incredibly important that you connect the knowledge that you already have, with the materials you are reading this week.

Also Check   Discussion/Short Presentation

Please, make sure that you write at least 3 paragraphs while responding to the prompt. Cite what you have learned from our textbook; cite what you have learned from other textbooks, and academic articles. Cite information from newspapers and magazines as anecdotes, to reinforce and make your point.

DB 2 online


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