DB2: Bias & Intentionality

DB2: Bias & Intentionality.

To Complete: 

  • Watch Biases powerpointPreview the document( it’s on the Drag & Drop file to upload Box)
  • Read But I Didn’t Mean It (Links to an external site.) article: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/psysociety/e2809cbut-i-didne28099t-mean-ite2809d-why-ite28099s-so-hard-to-prioritize-impacts-over-intents/

After watching the Biases PPT and reading “But I Didn’t Mean It,” please post to this discussion board

Consider the following guiding questions for your post.

  • Do you have to mean to be racist in order to be racist? 
  • What does unintentional bias look like? 
  • How have you experienced bias? Were the perpetrators intentional? Did it matter?
  • How has intersectionality affected bias in your own life?
  • What is the relationship between a single sexist act, and Sexism (little “s” sexism vs. capital “S” Sexism). 
  • What can you do to combat bias in your own life? 

DB2: Bias & Intentionality


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