define “scientific research

define “scientific research. In a Microsoft Word document, write the following three sections:
1-What is Research: Briefly define “scientific research.” Include in your explanation what scientific research includes and what it avoids.
2-Paradigms and Methodologies of Scientific Research: Create your own graphic–do not find one that already exists–that illustrates the main paradigms and methodologies of scientific research. Your graphic can be simple (it must fit on a single page), but should still illustrate the parts and relationships of the main paradigms and methodologies of scientific research. You may use some words, but only as necessary. In addition, compare and contrast the natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology) with the behavioral and social sciences (psychology, anthropology, economics, political science).
3-Qualitative and Quantitative Research: Briefly describe what is involved with both qualitative and quantitative research along with the strengths and limitations of each.

define “scientific research


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