Dependent and independent variable

In the proposed research title, identify the
following items below, explain your rationale for selection and cite references
accordingly. “Family Stress: Goal Attainment in underrepresented Minority
student enrolled in an accelerated Baccalaureate Nursing program”

Identify the following:

and independent variable

a research question

a hypothesis statement

a problem statement

GET HELP  discuss at least one independent nursing intervention in your essay.

a purpose statement

four (4) articles in a literature review two (2) affirmative and two(2)
opposing ( write an annotated bibliography for one of the article you
identified, use APA formatting for citing your resources)


(1) statistical procedure, that may assist to answer the research question, or
may be used to justify the sample size.

GET HELP  Describe three main advantages of simulation in nursing education; identify three disadvantages and explain how you would address those in your nursing program. Provide literature support from at least two scholarly articles and the NCSBN’s national study on Simulation. May use resources from week’s discussion question.




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