Describe the impact of individual behavior on business outcomes

Describe the impact of individual behavior on business outcomes.

Describe the impact of individual behavior on business outcomes.
Read the Scenario and respond to the checklist items in a 34- page paper:
Scenario: The following four employees have different attitudes towards their jobs and different levels of job satisfaction which impacts their behavior on the job. You are the HR Director who is becoming concerned regarding the behavior of some employees at work. Read the following background information on each of the four employees and address all the checklist items.
Employee #1: Social media marketing administrator: He experiences cognitive dissonance every time his boss tells him to expand on the results from test results in the lab when posting to various social media sites to promote the instruments the company makes to other businesses. He is frequently late to work and his boss gave him several warnings as a result.
Employee #2: Engineer: She is in a highly visible job that creates a lot of stress and works 12-hour days. The company often expects her to fly out at a moments notice to other production facilities around the world to address various problems. This creates more stress for her and her family. She is loyal, but feels depressed by the constant work. She is starting to not contribute ideas and or embrace new initiatives at work.
Employee #3: Customer service representative: This representative works the 12 p.m.8 a.m. shift. He does what is required but complains in the employee breakroom about the offices and work conditions when he is on break. The other employees tend to agree with him when he complains. The customer service supervisor has lately noted an increase in department call-in sick days by this employee and others in the department.
Employee #4: Quality control administrator: She is the sole Asian in the organization, feels isolated and as though she is just there as a placeholder versus really making a recognized difference in the organization. The company promotes itself as a diverse organization which she knows is not true. She feels as if everyone expects her to fail, since not many people engage with her including her boss on any regular basis.
The four employees have different attitudes and levels of job satisfaction.
        Describe the attitudes and job satisfaction of each of the four employees.
        Categorize and explain the responses the employees have to dissatisfaction based on the reading.
        Explain how the above attitudes and job satisfaction for each employee impacts the organization in terms of profit, employee turnover, and affecting other employee attitudes.
        Include at least 2 scholarly* citations with accompanying references regarding attitudes and job satisfaction and the impact on the organization that support your responses to the checklist item above.
        Explain what each of the managers of the four employees can do to change the employees attitudes for the better (referencing at least one of Mintzbergs managerial roles to explain your response).
        Submit your 23 page APA formatted and citation styled paper with additional title and reference pages to the Dropbox.
*Scholarly sources have been put through a peer-review by experts to ascertain that the content is original and proves any statements or claims with viable research, etc. Select Peer Reviewed where it says Limit to: once you are in the Purdue Global Library (see Academic Tools area of the course).

Describe the impact of individual behavior on business outcomes


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