. discuss all three methods: phenomenology, grounded theory, and ethnography. 

The focus of this discussion is on reading, interpreting, and evaluating qualitative research. The goal is to discuss all three methods: phenomenology, grounded theory, and ethnography. The ethnography article was selected because of its focus on motivational interviewing. This is a counseling strategy you may find very useful as nurse practitioners in order to promote changes in health behaviors.
GET HELP  Identify a position that is open or has recently been filled in your organization.
Write a 300-word message in which you:
  • 1. discuss all three methods: phenomenology, grounded theory, and ethnography.
  • 2.  Summarize the findings of the study by describing the research question and method (sample, data collection, and analysis).
  • 3. Identify the major strengths and limitations of this study.
  • 4. Address how your findings could apply to your program of study, as well as to your present and future practice.
GET HELP  Discuss the purpose of flow sheets in a medical environment. Explain how flow sheets are used in obstetrics offices and chronic disease management. Explainthedifferencebetweenaform-basedflowsheetandaproblem-orientedflowsheet.
Include a reference page identifying the article you selected using APA guidelines. Future Practice will be Family Nurse Practitioners. Please read carefully the article. Dot not invent. all writing needs to be base from article. Thank You,


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