Discuss   and explore the future of health care information management, and the impact   on nursing practice 

Please investigate the Clinical Care Classification System (CCCS) / Saba Care www.sabacare.com The Clinical Care Classification System. It provides a standardized system for the classification of nursing practice for the care of patients. Additional the author, Dr.Saba provides a free data file to use the CCCS. The CCCS in a Patient Care Planning Software. This is an Access Database file. Download file from “Doc Sharing”. In this assignment the student will be exploring several aspects of informatics. One is using a standardized classification system. The second is using an Access data base. The third is exploring the use of informatics in process of “Planning the Care of a Patient”. The student will need to download the CCCS from the link in doc sharing tab, and create a care plan using the CCCS model. The “care plan” will be printed and submitted for evaluation. Please create a care plan on a patient from your practice setting. A minimum of 3 problems are expected. A summary APA document of the students experience using the CCCS Access Database will conclude the assignment. The assignment will be graded on the following items: · Successful download of the Access Data Base file · Creation of a new patient record in the data base · Adding 3 problems to the record to include: o evidence of problem o expected outcome o interventions o types of interventions o actual outcomes o status of problems. · Printing of the Care Records  

Also Check   •Research the medication you have chosen and determine what information needs to be included on a patient education sheet. As you are aware, different drugs have different safety factors that have to be discussed to increase compliance and patient safety.  
Grading Rubric CCCS   Saba Care Paper Possible Points   Introduction: Introduce   the CCCS Saba Care System Experience of using   the system to the writer Access   database, ease of use, functionality Discuss Information   Systems Management:  Discuss   and explore the future of health care information management, and the impact   on nursing practice
Also Check   Describe the budgeting tool(s) you used to arrive at these determinations. Explain what challenges, if any, you encountered through the budgeting process. Provide documentation (e.g., Excel worksheets) to support your analysis.
Conclusion Draw   some conclusion about the CCCS Saba Care in health care Paper Presentation /   Style APA   Format, writing style, logical presentation of idea, grammar, sentence   structure.]]>


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