Discuss components of a research study ·         Determine validity of study

Research Study Proposal – Part II: Literature Review and Research Questions




Resource: Ch. 3 of Introduction to Health Research Methods- URL




Create a research question related to your problem statement and then conduct a Literature review.


·         Conduct background reading of your topic.


·         Select at least 5 research articles related to your problem statement.


Summarize in 1,050 to 1,500 words the articles that best support your research question. Be sure to:


·         Discuss components of a research study


·         Determine validity of study


·         Discuss strengths and weaknesses


·         Determine future research needs


·         Cite your sources with APA format



Remember that the 5 articles should be primary research articles. Not summaries of other studies or an editorial. Research studies will discuss the problem, hypothesis, aims, introduction/background, methodology, results, and discussion/conclusion.


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