Diversity with a personal action plan for improvement.

Diversity with a personal action plan for improvement..

What has the diversity mix been (how have diverse groups been represented) in organizations where you have worked? Where you have lived and now live? Where you grew up?
When you were growing up, did you interact with diverse groups? What was the result or impact?
Do you make an effort to learn more about diverse groups of which you are not a part? If so, how do you do this? If not, would you consider doing this? Which diverse groups?
When you meet or begin working with a person who is a member of a diverse group you are not familiar with, what do you do?
Do you sometimes tolerate bias or prejudice in the workplace, to avoid conflict? (Up to 90% of people are known to do this, according to the television show “What Would You Do”.)
If the head of your organization or work unit said that the next open position would be reserved for someone who is: Gay/lesbian/bisexual, African-American, Hispanic/Latino, or someone with a disability or is older or has a different religious orientation, what would your reaction be?
What 1-3 things will you do differently, in order to expand your diversity understanding and behavior? This will be your personal action plan.

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Diversity with a personal action plan for improvement.


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