Due Diligence Paper

Due Diligence Paper.

Prepare an outline and an APA paper with 1000-1250 words. You should include facts learned from chapter 8 in the text.

What is due diligence?
Prior to a company diversifying, they must do due diligence.
What are the methods of evaluating which strategy is the best for that company?

Paper Assignments – minimal requirements:

Papers that do not satisfy the minimal requirements below will receive a grade of zero.

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*Outline (to be submitted with the paper, but is not part of the paper)

Refer to:  https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/544/02/

*Minimum word count – 1,000 word minimum (excluding title page and reference page)

*Times New Roman Font

* 12 Point Size

* Double-spaced

* 1 Margins

* Page numeration

*APA format

*Headers (on all pages, title page requires Running head: in the header)

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* Proper citations, title page & reference page are mandatory

* Title page to include:  Running head:, page number, paper title, Student name, University name

*Abstracts are not required

* Citations are to be from academic peer-reviewed articles (not magazine articles)

            Sources:          JWU Library

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Paper must include:

Title page (Running head:, page number, paper title, student name, university name)
Thesis/introduction paragraph (Tell me what you are going to tell me)
Body (Tell me)
Conclusion paragraph (Tell me what you told me)

Due Diligence Paper


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