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I need some assistance with these assignment. being the bridge Thank you in advance for the help! It is widely believed that the CIO can be a bridge between enterprise finance, marketing, and sales functions. This person oversees the operations ofthese departments and he also acts as a central point of exchange of information. The CIO can communicate directly with representatives from different departments which helps to promote the smooth flow of information. The CIO can also play a pivotal role in solving disputes or conflicts that may exist among different people within the organization. More importantly, the CIO plays a pivotal role in explaining company policies to different people from different departments. The CIO can also engage representatives from other departments to discuss pertinent issues that may affect the operations of the company as a whole. Customer relationship management has become a priority for many CIOs. Essentially, the underlying concept in marketing is related to satisfaction of customer needs. Therefore, outstanding companies seek to learn and understand the needs and wants of the customers (Kotler & Armstrong, 2010). Loyalty among the customers is created where there is quality relationship with the firm that exists. The success of the company mainly depends on the number of customers that exist. Whenever customers are treated as valuable assets to the company, they can identify with it. This also helps them refer others to the firm. More revenue is likely to be generated if the company is sensitive to the needs of the customers. This can also help to ensure the viability and sustainability of the company in the long run in its operations.ReferencesKotler, P. & Armstrong,G. (2010). Principles of Marketing. Cape Town: Pearson.

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