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Compose a 1750 words assignment on three specific advantages of the hr information systems. Needs to be plagiarism free! This paper describes three specific advantages of the HR information systems as well as a discussion of three challenges these new systems create in today’s companies. One significant advantage of human resource information systems lies in the ability to automate many functions which traditionally required manual HR labor to achieve. Payroll systems and benefit systems, specifically, are improved exponentially by such systems (Mathis and Jackson, 2005). In some organizations, the accounting department was responsible for entering the new employee taxation information or managing the physical distribution of employee salaries. Any changes to current policy or structure of payroll required accounting to communicate with HR divisions, requiring a significant volume of work to ensure that payroll-related issues were in-line with legal or corporate guidelines. In a busy or large-scale organization, such as one with well over 100 employees, having to coordinate these efforts manually would theoretically take away from the HR division’s ability to manage more soft approaches to HR such as employee coaching and development. The automation of these functions provided by new integrated HR information systems would then allow HR managers to focus on fulfilling the needs of a diverse employee community. Some organizations also find a significant advantage of HR information systems in improving the efficiency of inter-company communications. Hurley-Hanson and Giannantonio (2008) describe the utilization of these types of information systems in crisis or disaster communications. Coastal companies, such as those which were affected by Hurricane Katrina, have found an advantage in these systems by being able to implement and update various disaster plans and tying these systems into the company’s intranet for instant communications to all employees in the event of an impending disaster or other corporate crisis situation. After such a disaster&nbsp.occurs, businesses must be able to coordinate and resume business functions and having electronic systems, specifically tailored to the HR role, allow for operations to continue by providing an electronic plan of action and simply to keep employees informed of events which directly impact their job roles.&nbsp.

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