Earth Sciences homework help

The volume and mass of an unknown irregularly shaped solid were determined in the lab with the use of a graduated cylinder for the displacement method . The following measurements were recorded.Mass of cylinder with water 24.51 gVolume of water in the cylinder 12.44 mlVolume of water plus solid: 15.39 mlIs it possible to determine the density of the solid object with these measurements? If so, Explain your calculations. If not, what other measurement must be taken?you NEED TO IDENTIFY THE METAL IN A METAL ROD USING ITS DENSITY. THE Density YOU Determined DOES NOT MATCH EXACTLY WITH THE STANDARD VALUES FOR THE DENSITY OF THE METALS. List at east three reasons why these values may not match.Suppose that, during the production of the metal rod, a small air bubbles was trapped inside of the rod? would this effect yuour density deteremination? If yes , specifically explain how or why? (including whether the density would increase or decrease and why). If no, especifically explain why the air bubbles would not affect the density of the rod.

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