Earth Sciences homework help

ONLY 12 hours. 1/15 9AM!  2 pages, single space.About essay (A number of you asked questions about the first assignment. So, I thought I’d send an email to the entire class. During the lecture on Thursday, we went over the two strategies that tend to win in the marketplace and give firms a competitive advantage. These are (a) low cost and (b) differentiation. The low cost strategy is to price products at a lower price point than the competition. A differentiation strategy is to distinguish your products from the competition so that consumers are willing to pay a premium for them.The task for the EasyJet assignment is to determine EasyJet’s strategy and to specifically describe how they achieved it. You should go over the case multiple times and attempt to determine what, if anything, they do to generate a competitive advantage over the competition. In the write up you would categorize and describe the specific actions they took to achieve a competitive advantage.)

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