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Create a 22 pages page paper that discusses effective communication in the project management perspective. There are notable consequences of miscommunication on the harmonious operation at the workplace. This calls for amicable avenues strategized to deal with consequences that result from miscommunication at the workplace. Actions taken to solve problems that result from gender difference initiated miscommunication help mitigate the consequences and ensure improved performance of employees in the workplace. Tannen hints out the variation in communication styles between men and women, a factor that spreads to cause effects as miscommunication in the workplace. Communication between men and their male colleagues in the workplace experience a series of difference. Men adopt hierarchal conversations and a time involves mockery, jokes and teasing among colleagues in the workplace (Tannen, 1994). On the contrary, women are keen in their conversations with their female colleagues and take utmost care and sensitivity. They ensure maximum awareness in their conversations with fellow women. In their conversations, women are keen to evade possibilities of interpretations that would judge them as assertive, firm or authoritarian. They tend to avoid aggressiveness and aim at remaining feminine in their conversations.

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