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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Comparison of Moral Community Conception by Peter Singer and Paul Taylor. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Others believe that animals lack cognitive skills and they behave as per their instinct. Predominantly, philosophers have embarked on the logic that it is the cognitive skill that decides the moral status of a being. Since human beings possess higher reasoning capability, therefore, they hold superior moral status. In recent years, the assumption has shifted to believe that animals possess higher reasoning capability and so, hold higher moral status than were previously believed (Steiner, preface).Singer’s article (2008) is based on the argument that “animal liberation today is analogous to racial and gender justice in the past” (Singer, 73). Just the way human beings distinguish based on race and gender, similarly animals are believed to deserve differential treatment since they are considered as inferior beings by speciesists. According to Singer, speciesism is defined as the characteristics (unjustifiable identified) endowed on a certain species that induce them to believe themselves as superior beings. Taylor (1981), on the other hand, has argued that the moral guidance of human beings for embracing nature must be based first on respect for nature as the vital moral approach, and secondly, this approach should be justifiable with all rational agents. According to him, it is the inherent goodness of an individual that establishes his moral relation with the other species of nature (Taylor, 139).Liberation movements have become common events in today’s society which demand “an expansion of our moral horizons and an extension or reinterpretation of the basic moral principle of equality” (Singer, 73). Liberalization is demanded by any group of people who are subjected to discrimination for reasons like the color of skin, sexual orientation, or gender. The author has stated that to embrace equality in society, oppressors must take a new perspective of their traditional approaches. Only if they can make a “mental switch”, then they can comprehend the fact that they maintain their so-called superior social&nbsp.status by taking advantage of the minorities.

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