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I will pay for the following essay International Management program(dissertation proposal ). The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Market is in perfect equilibrium. it is tax-free and asset and capital markets are perfect. This framework of consumer behaviour requires some changes in the neo-classical consumer theory to include some characteristics of property market like consumer tastes, viewpoints, choices that create the scenario for an imperfect,not-competitive theory of property market.In the context of what we have read about the neo-classical theory of demand, it would be interesting to test the theory on emerging countries like China, Malaysia, and Singapore. Two major cities of China – Beijing and Shanghai are recuperating from the after-effects of recession worldwide. It would be interesting to confirm the validity of the neo-classical theory of consumer demand and supply of land, which is limited and the role of the government in stabilising the property market. What would be the housing demand model, the determinants of housing demand and practical scenario due to the limited land availability, as the cities are expanding seamlesslyBehaviour of Beijing and Shanghai property market. how has the Beijing Olympics 2008 have impacted the property market? What is the reaction of China government policy shift in allowing foreigners to buy house of their choice.The Shanghai property market, according to Colliers International (2008), is passing through a phase of cooling down. Investors have changed their preferences by focusing on the leasing market. Over supply has increased the vacancy rate. In this context, it is interesting to study the house price Basic DiPasquale-Wheaton model, its different stages by using simplified or reduced form function from the demand and supply equation.Leung & Wang (2007) have projected the China housing market in the DiPasquale Wheaton model, showing analysis of different stages of housing market consequently. Short term and long term policy effects and recommendations will be discussed.The role played by the government

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