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Hi, I need help with essay on Integrated warehouse and transportation management systems. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!This research will begin with the statement that right from inventory control, receiving of shipment to fulfillment of orders, warehouse management systems (WMS) is necessary. It improves the efficiency and operations of a company’s warehouse. In the modern day, computerized environment warehouse management systems get combined with mobile computers, wireless network and bar-coding equipment to ease the work. Bar-coding helps extend the business to the mobile worker at the same time increasing operational efficiencies. An extensive warehouse management system assists in streamlining multiple functions in the business. The following can be some of the role of information systems in warehouse management. Receiving- The system gets information of the shipment that gets received but not yet at their destined place. Here, it can be important to ensure that low stock levels get staged then put away first. This reduces the effects of inefficient fulfillment processes and out-of-stocks. Put-Away – The information system also helps the storekeeper know the area of inventory in the shelves. Once the area gets known it can be easy to route workers and setting up their picks in the proper order. This helps to minimize travel time and improve on the order numbers that can be picked each day. Picking- The system improves error-proofing and efficiency in the picking process. Here, workers get their picks on an electronic mobile device that directs them to the proper location. The system also allows workers to scan items when picking to verify that they can be of the right quantity.

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