Emergency Management Impacts

Emergency Management Impacts.

Thread must be at least 275 words.  Thread must reflect critical thought. There are two philosophical reference points that form the basis for our government, and by extension, our governments role in securing our borders.  These are (1) the Holy Bible, and (2) principles of self-governance as expressed in our Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.  These principles were frequently articulated by our Founders and are provided for you in the document entitled American Founding Principles that may found under Course Content/Module One/ Additional materials (bottom of page).  For every discussion topic, try to relate the course content to real-world applications with biblical perspectives and link back to at least one Founding principle . Also, a minimum of 1 source is referenced appropriately; cite any sources used.  More is better.
Assignment topic:
Describe the factors that have historically impacted emergency management. Considering potential terrorist threats, which threat would have the most significant impact on emergency management policy and practitioners? Why? Detail the impact for each level (local, state, federal, and the private sector).
Consider this question in light of PRINCIPLES of government and the shift from being essentially reactive to becoming much more proactive. Be sure to link your answer back to one or of American Founding Principles.

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Emergency Management Impacts


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