Engineering homework help

Find the exact value of tan(sin -11/4)?Evaluate the following limit.limh->0 (square root of 4+h)-2/h?5. Evaluate the following limit.limx->3- x^2-9/!x-3!? note !represents absolute.Find the vertical and horizontal asymptotes of the following function f(X)=lnx/3lnx-1?The following limit represents the derivative of some function 0 at some number +. Statesuch an 0 and +.limx->5 2^x-32/x-5?Find an equation of the tangent line to the curve y=xe^-1/xat the point(1,1/e)?Let r(x)=f(g(h(x))),where h(1)=2.g(2)=3.h'(1)=4,g'(2)=5,and f'(3)=6 Find r'(1)?find dy/dx if e^xy=x-y?let f(x)=x square root of x.find f'(4)?which of the following is equal to (cosh^2)x-(sinh^2)x?which of the following is equal to cosh(lnx)?find the absolute maximum and absolute minumum of f(x)=x/x^2+1on the interval(0,2)?let f(x)=x^5/4-2x^1/4 find the critical values of f?let f be afunction whose derivative is given by f'(X)=e^1/x (x-2)/x^3? find the intervals on which f is decreasing?evaluate the following limit limx->infinity 3root of x/lnx?evaluate the following limit limx->0+ xe^1/x?Find the minimum distance from the point (1,5)to the curve y=5- square root of x?Sketch the graph of the function f(x)=1/1-e^-x?If Newton’s method is used to find the root of the equation x^5=2 with initial approximation xsubscript 1=1 find the second approximation xsubscript 2?Suppose that 0 is a one-to-one differentiable function and its inverse function f^-1 is also differentiable. if f(4)=5 and f'(4)=2.find(f^-1)'(5)?”

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