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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on why is the suicide rate so high for teenagers Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Various life situations make is much easier to pressure someone to have the thought of suicide without considering the consequences. Depression is one of the major factors that are making people of different ages take their lives. Depression among the youths is at a high rise due to the technological advancement in the modern world(Gould, Patrick and Romer 113). Due to the increased innovation, most of the teenagers are at the urge to coup with changes of which they may not have the required standards and the mechanisms to adapt.As they try to make themselves fit into the groups that have the alterations in the technological areas, they find it more unsatisfactory to them and they always feel embarrassedunable to be like their peers. This simultaneously makes the find for alternatives to eliminate the embarrassment with makes them opt for suicide. Impossibilities make them feel not as much value living with their capabilities among their peers. Teenagers are constantly having emotional pressures once they realize they are not in the right standards of their expectations.Exposure of the teens to certain life activities without limiting them usually makes them more enthusiastic to have the experiences in their originality and get to know their advantages. Drugs are some of the things that teens are always at the momentous of trying to get their so said advantages. these make them have the ideas of trying them for themselves and experience the effects for themselves. Once they are into continuous drug-taking, they end up being aficionados of drug takingDrug taking requires the individuals to have the financial accomplishments to be able to purchase the drugs. Lack of cash to purchase the drugs makes it more difficult for them to have the access to them thus being frustrated in life. As they try to get the solutions for their dissatisfactions, some will end up opting to take away their lives as the most applicable elucidation.

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