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Write a 1 page essay on Rewriting.Nevertheless, she was able to go through education system and began to be exposed to people speaking other languages later in life. Although she was able to acquire language skills, she did it at a slow pace. The most interesting observation was that her level of understanding new language was not as profound as found in children who acquire language skills at early age. Despite following similar procedures of language acquisition, she could not meet the standards acquired by young children who learn language naturally.However, other cognitive abilities were not inhibited. Despite her problem in language acquisition, she was able to develop interactive skills and could therefore understand different communication styles from other people. Whereas her language acquisition skills lagged behind, other cognitive abilities were not inhibited in any way. This example is a clear indicator that language acquisition is independent of other cognitive abilities. It is worth noting the contrast of this idea with Moskowitz’s ideology, which claims that the two are connected. He feels that linguistic specialization is part of human intelligence, which implies that none can be developed

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