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I will pay for the following essay Theme of Responsibility in Of Mice and Men. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.It is evidently clear from the discussion that George appears from the beginning of the story as a man who takes responsibility for his childhood friend Lennie. He made efforts to protect Lennie who often got the duo into problems with his physical strength and mental disability. When seeking jobs in the new ranch, George took the responsibility of covering the weaknesses of his friend. In many occasions, he reprimanded Lennie concerning his handling of dead mice. In these cases, he presented a responsibility in terms of hygiene. He cautioned his friend of the possibility of catching a disease through handling dead animals. He presents a sense of personal responsibility in the sense that he worked hard on the ranch and had dreams of developing himself to the level of a farm owner some day. However, he presents moral irresponsibility because he was one of the men who visit brothels. In addition, the move he opted to take at the end of the novel raises a controversy. After realizing that his friend Lennie was about to face the wrath of Curley, he decided to take away his life. Although he protected his friend from any harm and gave him cautions to avoid any chaos on the ranch, one wonders whether he had the justification to take his life. This episode has two sides. He acted irresponsibly to take the life of a fellow man. In a different perspective, he took the responsibility of protecting his friend from painful death, indignation, and humiliation. Slim presents attributes of responsibility throughout his stay in the ranch. He had expertise in the ‘skinner’ profession. In addition, he was a diligent worker in the ranch. This is the case because he earned respect from other workers in the ranch because of his sense of responsibility and dedication. Slim was among the workers that ensured the success of the ranch. His contribution was of considerable worth because it translated to the farm’s success.

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