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Write a 2 page essay on Basic Security in Corrections.The Department of Corrections is essentially committed to achieve public safety, sinking crime rates and making lives and neighborhoods safe.&nbsp. Business Impact Analysis helps us decide which areas are important within the department of Corrections. It helps collect evidence based on experience of the skilled team and knowledge about valuable correctional practices and risk reduction strategies.&nbsp.The first and foremost function that requires improvement would be the service delivery system. It would improve conditions in the prison and the Department of corrections as well. Also, the function that needs to be improved is the technology which enables better monitoring systems too for all basic securities. And all this hand in hand with an unbeatable infrastructure that can support all this. Business Impact Analysis’ actions. programs and services are specially designed to hold the Offenders culprit and accountable and to lower the risk of emerging new crimes and victimizations.Basic Securities refers to all the procedures followed within an organization for ensuring safeguarding of assets, guaranteeing the precision and reliability of records, and encouraging operational correctness and observance to prescribed procedures. Internal Controls also includes the safeguarding of the Computer Systems in the Organization.Security is a rising apprehension because computer systems are now more complex than ever before. Specific security concerns arise from the abundance of PCs, LAN’s, and on-line systems that provides more than one ways of acquiring data from a source. Advancement in technology provides hackers with several new ways of safecracking.Important functions of concern related to computer internal controls generally include: organization controls, systems development controls, maintenance controls, documentation controls, foreign access controls, data controls, procedural controls, physical security, password security

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