Environment of Care

  1. Joint Commission Standards and Processes
    • click here for more information on this paperHealth care Providers may volunteer to be accredited by an external body. The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid provide an UPDATED list of approved accrediting organizations. For this discussion, we are focusing on the acute care hospital. Below are fourteen of the categories in The Joint Commission Standards Manual and accreditation process topics. The topics for this discussion are assigned by students’ last names. See the chart below for your assigned topic.
  2. My last name Begins with B
GET HELP  Describe strategies a team leader can use to help build cohesiveness within multigenerational nursing teams. Be sure you include strategies for communication, setting and managing expectations, motivation, and mutual respect.
TopicsStudent Assignment based Upon Last Name
Environment of Care (EC)Student last name begins with A
Emergency Management (EM)Student last name begins with Bclick here for more information on this paper
Human Resources (HR)Student last name begins with C
Infection Prevention and Control (IC)Student last name begins with D
Information Management (IM)Student last name begins with E
Leadership (LD)Student last name begins with F and G
Life Safety (LS)Student last name begins with H
Medication Management (MM)Student last name begins with I and J
Medical Staff (MS)Student last name begins with K
National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG)Student last name begins with L
NURSING (NR)Student last name begins with M
Provision of Care, TREATMENT, and Services (PC)Student last name begins with N
Record of Care, Treatment, and Services (RC)Student last name begins with O
Rights and Responsibilities of the Individual (RI)Student last name begins with P
Accreditation Process InformationStudent last name begins with Q and R
Tracer MethodologyStudent last name begins with S
Sentinel EventsStudent last name begins with T
Performance Measurement and the 
GET HELP  What resources are available for long term care, nursing home residents?


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