Cultural anthropologists rely on ethnographic research methods, such as participant-observation and semi-structured interviews, to understand human behaviors and cultures. For this essay, you are required to conduct an ethnographic study of a location you are particularly familiar with (a caf, a gym, a store, etc.). Questions that you might want to address include (but are not limited to): who uses this particular location, and for what purpose? How do people interact, and what do they share? How is space occupied (by gender, age, etc.)? What habits do people have, what do they talk about, and how? Based on direct observation and two interviews with people who regularly come to this place, students will describe and analyze peoples behaviors and interactions, and the specific culture of this place more generally.

Sources and Formatting

This essay should rely on direct observation, two interviews with people who regularly use this place, and one peer-reviewed article. For this assignment, your textbook is not considered a peer-reviewed article. The source should be properly cited in ASA style and cited at the end of your essay. You also need to list the questions (at least 8) you used for your interviews at the end of your essay.

This essay must also be at least 1,000 words long.



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