Explain why the supplement might be beneficial to a target population or the general population and/or yourself.

This assignment includes the description and evaluation of a nutritional supplement. The analysis excluding the recipe should be at least 300 words. Please pick a nutritional supplement (check your cabinets at home, the supplement aisle in the grocery store, or GNC). Describe the supplement, including the purpose of the supplement, main ingredients, dosage, and price. Submit references for all information. Please review Chapters 10 and 11 Highlights (textbook) for additional information about supplements.
GET HELP  explain your professional objectives, professional interests, and strengths as an applicant
  • Does the label or advertisement for the product include nutrient claims, health claims, structure function claims, or several claims at once? How does the supplement label differ from a regular food label?
  • Discuss how the supplement fits in a daily diet (your diet based on the nutrition and fitness analysis the first week of class), and specify which nutrient is actually supplied by the product.
  • Explain why the supplement might be beneficial to a target population or the general population and/or yourself.
  • Review the scientific literature. Are promotional claims backed up by reputable and peer reviewed scientific research? Please list at least two studies which address the health effect of the main ingredient of the supplement. Discuss whether or not the results of the studies would apply to the supplement as packaged and following the recommendations on the label.
GET HELP  Discuss an example of a healthcare partnership in your community and specifically cite examples that show how nurses, both individually and collectively, influenced the care provided.


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